Hura (wind) / cán (center)

Huracán is the composition of the angry wind goddess Guabancex, and her two enablers the gods Guatauba, and Coatrisque that the Taino Indians in Puerto Rico and also the Carib and Arawak Indians elsewhere in the Caribbean believed controlled the weather, particularly hurricane.

Combined, they were the Wind, Thunder and Flood spirits of the hurricane.

Presented at MachinimUWA 2013


Love is Strong by Inga Bourlier (Rolling Stones Cover)

Many thanks to Inga for letting me use her great cover.

Filmed in Second Life

Flocke ‘Reality, merely an illusion…’
Builds and designs by Joanna Corith & Pale Illusion
Special thanks for letting me rez into their wonderful place.

The Looking Glass – Horizon Dream
Builds and designs by Marcus Inkpen & Sharni Azalee

MachinimUWA VI…
University of Western Australia
Shot of Sunken Gardens visible at 1:31